Our expertise

United Talent uses a number of insights, methods and techniques with a proven impact and result. Our consultants, trainers and coaches are known as well for their professional and personal approach. We closely follow the developments in our area of expertise. We learn from experiences and continue to challenge ourselves in order to grow. What works for the clients of United Talent? What does not? What makes a real difference? And what is more of the same? We gladly pass on our expertise to enable you and your people to achieve better outcomes.

United Talent – Inspiring all people to be fully alive™
Our vision – You are able to do more.

Our approach

A first step towards success is identification with the client and the assignment. What is required and which results do you wish to obtain? Based on the extent and complexity of what is required we work out the following process:

Current situation

Orientation on the current situation


Determine outcome of co-operation, points of departure, success criteria and moments of measurement


Draw up a program, approach, methods and techniques, communication and choice


Involvement and communication, measurement, interventions, training, coaching and anchoring


Continuous checks on impact and results

Methods & Techniques.

Management Drives

The Management Drives program approaches the staff and the organization in a new, original manner.

Key Principles

The Key Principles of United Talent enable people to let go of trusted, yet disfunctional convictions and complaints

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The scan is especially useful to bring possible obstacles to light which stand in the way of ambitions.