Who we are


United Talent is known for its no-nonsense approach whereby people and organizations benefit directly from added value and gained impact. Development programs and (team) interventions enable changes in mentality and judgments by which business opportunities get utilized or a negative spiral broken. Clients characterize the consultants, trainers and coaches of United Talent as being very professional, practical and above all to the point and effective.

A strong team

Immediate added value and impact for leaders and teams. That is always the outcome of our work sessions. We face reality. This means that we say what has to be said and do what is necessary to reach results. Our form of respect is shown by appealing to people regarding all those things that they are capable of.

Jeanette Harmsen

''In our activities we aim for optimal dedication of our trainees, with regards to the outcomes for our clients. ''

Etienne van Oosten

''We face reality, which means we say what needs te be said en do what is necessary to achieve results.'

Sylvia van Eeden

''Creating transformation from connectedness, that's my passion. With humor or even tears, in openness, leading up to the aimed results.''

Ingela Harmsen

''I want to help people to know and develop their own capacities. I believe in: the right person in the right place for an optimal result.''

Melissa van Doorm

''I love to be the spider in this web, to ensure that everyone is optimally connected to each other and that people can do what they are good at. I really enjoy it when this way we achieve positive results with each other.''

Cindy Bucher

''I love seeing individuals and teams astonish themselves with the results they achieve, by completely immersing themselves and totally acknowledging each other.''

Saar Weber

''Strengthening individuals and organisations is what I do with great enthusiasm. Confronting and connecting, I know how to convey necessity and incite action!''

Olmer Meijer

''Bringing people and organisations to a higher level is my passion. I do this by allowing each individual to experiment with their own behaviour, from their own strength, in order to achieve more effective joint results. ''

Marijntje Zeijen
Marijntje Zeijen

''Spontaneous, curious and driven, that’s me. I think it’s important to do things that have a true meaning, that's why I like it when people speak up for their views and pay attention towards their work and colleagues.''

David Sherman
David Sherman

''My Mission is to connect with likeminded people and organizations. To create collaborations that elevates what is possible for leaders, teams and organisations.''

Céline Manten

''My goal is to explore in openness how we can increase your freedom of action, in order to achieve the results you are looking for.''

Edith Bosch

''Supporting and guiding individuals, teams, and organizations with the aim of achieving better performance is my passion. With the right mindset and discipline, everyone is capable of achieving excellence.''

Advisory Board

Ellen Faber
Ellen Faber
Advisory Board
Peter Van Uhm
Peter van Uhm
Advisory Board

Cooperation Partners

Along with our team we also work with a number of experienced partners.

Wat klanten over ons zeggen.

Leadership & Communication

In a few months the so important first steps were taken along a carefully set out path.

Dhr. B. Voortman Directeur Facilitair Bedrijf en Documentlogistiek Achmea

Operating principles

United Talent has laid a foundation for a much better functioning organization.

Dhr. Ir. E. Middelhoek Managing Director VWS MPP Systems BV

A step further

United Talent has the ability to support your organization in going a step further during complicated processes.

Ton Mosheuvel Directeur Bouman GGZ - onderdeel van Antes

Foundation for effective form of co-operation

Aon Consulting Nederland (the Netherlands) has introduced a new strategy and management structure.

Dhr. R. Hinse CEO Aon / Hewitt Consulting Benelux

Expert guidance

“United Talent has shown its value in coaching and training the co-workers of the Mediveen Group."

Mw. M. Roos Hoofd P&O Mediq

Doortastend, concreet en toch ook sensitief.

United Talent heeft op een aantal belangrijke verandermomenten transparantie, verbinding en versnelling in het proces gebracht.

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Dhr. R. van Poelje Board member CSI | Total Specific Solutions